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Are you looking for professional furnace and duct cleaning services in the Edmonton area? The experienced professionals at Elite Furnace Cleaning can assist!

Elite Furnace Cleaning is your reliable source for:

– Furnace Cleaning Services;
– Home Duct Cleaning;
– Dryer Vent Cleaning; and
– Central Vacuum System Vent Cleaning.

The Elite Furnace Cleaning team can assist with any furnace type, including gas-powered, oil-powered or electric furnaces.

The Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

Regular furnace cleaning and duct maintenance is associated with a number of health benefits and other advantages.

Routine furnace duct cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a clean, healthy home or business. Over time, dust, dirt, pollen and debris accumulates in the ductwork. This results in a high degree of indoor air pollution, as the system circulates dusty, contaminated air.

In fact, the warm furnace ducts can also be home to bacteria, mold and germs, which are then circulated throughout the structure as the system runs.

Without routine duct cleaning, your home will be filled with indoor air pollutants, which can cause a wide range of health problems, like:

• asthma;
• allergies;
• stuffy nose;
• watering eyes; and
• sneezing and respiratory irritation.

A dirty, neglected furnace can even generate deadly carbon monoxide! So it’s absolutely vital to keep your furnace and ducts clean to avoid potentially deadly conditions inside your home or business.

You’ll also save money since your furnace will work more efficiently, and your system will require fewer repairs and replacement parts.

Elite Furnace Cleaning recommends performing cleanings on a regular basis, every two to three yearss.

What Does a Furnace and Duct Cleaning Involve?

The team at Elite Furnace Cleaning will tend to an array of different components, including the:

  • Air intake vents;
  • Air registers, diffusers and ductwork;
  • Filters;
  • Heat exchanger unit and coils;
  • The housing of the air handling unit.

Our experienced team will clean each and every component of your furnace and vents. If a component is missed and remains contaminated, it can result in cross-contamination of the freshly-cleaned vents and furnace components. This will, in essence, negate the positive effects of the cleaning! This is one reason why it’s so important to hire an experienced, thorough team, like the team at Elite Furnace Cleaning!

We use only the best, most effective cleaning tools to ensure that all dust, dirt, pollen and debris is eliminated.

And what’s more, our prices are affordable! Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. So when you hire Elite Furnace Cleaning, you can trust that you’ll receive a thorough job in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to your home or business!

Ask yourself – Are you tired of unprofessional appearance? – Huge appointment windows?
Rush work? – Flying dusts all over the place? –
The Bait & Switch techniques?

Reasons You Will Love Elite Furnace Cleaning Services!!!

  • Helps promote good health and stays cleaner longer for a better return on your investment. (all products are child, pet, and environment friendly)
  • Our procedures and equipment removes allergy causing pollens and spores . In the process, we remove them from your home!
  • 2 hour window appointments.
  • Price is given before work is started.
  • Free safety inspection.

Customer service is our number one priority, and we want to be your furnace and duct cleaning company for many years to come. We look forward to speaking with you, so call today at 587-400-2682 to schedule a cleaning appointment!
Our service areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St, Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove.